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No draw?

leaguelogo.jpgThe English Football League, the oldest in the world, is to consider settling drawn matches with penalty shoot-outs following a meeting of the league’s 72 club chairmen.One idea, put forward by League chairman Brian Mawhinney, is for each team to be awarded a point for a drawn match, with the winner of the shoot-out awarded an extra point.

The proposal, discussed by club chairmen on Thursday, will be developed by a working party which will canvas views from managers and supporters groups, amongst others.

Mawhinney said: “I suggested that for drawn matches each team gets a point and then maybe the team that wins a penalty shoot-out gets an extra point. Managers may hate penalty shoot-outs but fans love them.

“Some people were strongly against it, some people were in favor of it, but on both sides people said: ‘Lets be constructive and have a broad examination of what we have to offer.'”

If the idea was ever adopted, it would not need the approval of FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, as it would not involve a change to the laws of the game but a change to the rules of the competition.

The format could be a conventional penalty shoot-out, or follow the system used in the old NASL (North American Soccer League) giving a player a certain number of seconds to score from the halfway line.

The Football League was established with 12 clubs in 1888. The last major change to its points scoring system was in 1981 when three points were awarded for a win rather than two.

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FIFA lifts ban on Kenya Football Federation

kenyaff.jpgThe FIFA Emergency Committee has today decided to lift the suspension imposed on the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) on 24 October 2006 on certain conditions.

This decision,recommended by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), was made possible by the positive developments that have recently been noted in Kenya.

A delegation, comprising of two members of the CAF Executive Committee, Dr Amos Adamu (Nigeria), who is also a member of the FIFA Executive Committee, and Mohamed Hatimy (Rwanda), visited Nairobi and secured the following:

  1. a declaration from the sports minister not to interfere any further in the running of the KFF;
  2. respect for the agreements reached with FIFA (in particular, the agreement signed in Cairo in January 2006) as well as observance of FIFA’s Statutes and principles;
  3. the immediate dissolution of the normalisation committee installed by the sports minister and the assurance that the KFF will be run by structures recognised by FIFA and chaired ad interim by Mohamed Hatimy;
  4. the withdrawal of any pending legal proceedings.

A FIFA delegation will visit Nairobi from 14 to 16 March 2007 with a view to implementing a road map for the immediate relaunch of Kenyan football with amendment of the KFF statutes in accordance with the instructions sent to the 207 FIFA member associations.

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Taxmen knock on Maradona’s door

maradona.jpgDiego Maradona’s money transfers and other financial transactions are being subjected to enquiry and probe in court at the request of tax authorities, Argentina’s Central Bank confirmed on Wednesday.

The bank said it has asked financial institutions to provide information about all the accounts, transfers, fixed deposits and other transactions made by Maradona from 2005 onwards.

Maradona has a cult following among footballer fans all over the world. He captained Argentina to the 1986 football World Cup. He, alongside Brazil’s Pele, was named by FIFA as one of the greatest players in soccer history in 2001.

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Ugandan Clubs want share of FIFA grants

flag.gifNEWLY elected Super Division Clubs Association chairman Godfrey Kisekka has promised to lobby FUFA(Federation of Uganda Football Associations) to allocate part of the annual $250,000 grant from soccer governing body FIFA, to support his members.

Kisekka, who was elected to the clubs’ top job after serving it for nine years as secretary and vice-chairman, argued that FUFA does little to support the association.

“We all know that our clubs are the backbone of the national teams but when our players get injured at national engagements, we are required to treat them without any help from FUFA,” he argued.

Kisekka was elected unopposed during the associations’ general assembly at FUFA House yesterday.

The KCC interim chairman has been deputy to Col. Jackson Tushabe of Victors club.

Villa secretary Edward Luyimbazi Mugalu beat Mbale Heroes’ Moses Twalla by 20-9 votes for the vice-chairman’s seat.

Acting commissioner for sports in the ministry of education and sports and chairman of Boroboro football club Omara Apita beat Police’s Livingstone Lajan in the vote for secretary.

Newly instituted Express interim committee members were locked out because they aren’t yet recognised by SDCA. Masaka did not show up.


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Under threat minister restores PZPN board

Under the suspension threat from FIFA, Poland’s Minister of Sport Tomasz Lipiec restored the governing board of Poland’s embattled PZPN national football union to power on Monday.

Lipiec suspended the PZPN board and appointed a commissioner to supervise the Polish union earlier in January of this year arguing the PZPN board had done nothing to stem wide-spread corruption prevalent in all Polish leagues.

International football authorities FIFA and UEFA refused to recognise the move, sharply criticizing the Polish government for interfering with the PZPN’s independence.

Fresh elections are planned for later this year to replace the current PZPN board. Observers from the Polish presidential chancellery, the ministry of sport as well as both FIFA and UEFA are expected to supervise the process.

The government-appointed commissioner will continue to supervise the existing PZPN governing board until it is replaced.

FIFA President Joseph Blatter was due to meet with Polish President Lech Kaczynski later Monday to discuss the challenges faced by the Polish federation.

Sports Minister Lipiec moved in January to introduce a commissioner to run the PZPN amidst a wide-spread criminal probe in which dozens of referees, club owners and players have been charged with corruption.

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Canada to play Chile in FIFA Under-20 World Cup

The United States will play Brazil, Poland and South Korea in one of six groups at this summer’s FIFA Under-20 World Cup men’s soccer tournament. Canada, Chile, Austria and Congo were grouped in Saturday’s draw for the 24-country event. As host, Canada automatically qualified and will play Chile.

Toronto, Burnaby, Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal will host the June 30-July 22 event, FIFA’s second-largest after the World Cup.

The draw put Spain, Uruguay, Zambia and Jordan in Group B. Portugal, New Zealand, Gambia and Mexico are in Group C.

Argentina, Czech Republic, Argentina, North Korea and Panama are in Group E. Japan, Scotland, Nigeria and Costa Rica are in Group F.

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No headscarf allowed – FIFA

headd scarfFIFA has banned head scarves. FIFA has ruled that no player can wear a head scarf or hijab on the field. The International Football Association Board (IFAB)was asked at its annual meeting Saturday to adjudicate on a decision to ban an 11-year-old Muslim girl from playing in a tournament near Montreal last weekend because she was wearing a head scarf.

“If you play football there’s a set of laws and rules, and law four outlines the basic equipment,” said Brian Barwick, chief executive of the English Football Association, which is one of the IFAB members.

“It’s absolutely right to be sensitive to people’s thoughts and philosophies, but equally there has to be a set of laws that are adhered to, and we favour law four being adhered to.”

Law four lists the items a player is entitled to wear and head scarves are not mentioned.

Goalkeepers are allowed to wear caps and protective headguards.

Asmahan Mansour was told to either remove her hijab or leave the field in an under-12 tournament near Montreal.

Quebec’s soccer federation said the hijab violated a no-headgear rule set down by FIFA for safety reasons.

Valmie Ouellet, the co-ordinator of regional technical services for the Quebec Soccer Federation, said the referee was simply enforcing that regulation.

Mr. Ouellet said it’s irrelevant that the game’s referee happened to be Muslim, adding that a similar call would have been made if it applied to a different religious group.

Ontario’s soccer association lets players wear religious headgear, while Quebec’s rules are more vague.

Sandra Campbell, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Soccer Association, said FIFA’s no headgear rule is up to referees to interpret.

Ms. Asmahan was allowed to play in two earlier games on the weekend because another referee didn’t act on the rules.

Her team withdrew from and forfeited the rest of the games.

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